Top 10 Webinar MUST HAVE Best Practices

What are your TOP 10 absolutely MUST HAVE Webinar Best Practices? Here are mine. See the image attached.


With everything going viral… my must have is having the guts to say NO. There are soo many good ideas out there but there is just not enough time to execute them all. And I don’t want to overwhel my customers with too many webinars.

I agree with all your must haves @alexandra.1 I have them as well (or they are on my wish/priority list) but at this moment my biggest must have is having the guts to tell NO.


Thank you @sanne, I agree with you completely on this one.
Let me know if you come up with more, so I can continue to add. I will post final results for all. :slight_smile:


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I have just built an interactive PDF using Adobe InDesign in order to deter people from wanting webinars that should be done by other means. That is to say, I think everyone has jumped on the webinar bandwagon. But a webinar isn’t needed in a lot of cases and Zoom/Teams will suffice. So in order to weed out the people who want a webinar just for the sake of doing a webinar I have created a new form that everyone has to complete before the webinar is approved.

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Hi @guy.dunn, would you kind sharing this form with us? Thank you.

Sure, just need to put some finishing touches on it first.


Great ideas so far in here! We are creating something similar @guy.dunn I’d love to see your PDF as well. I also agree with you on saying no @sanne SO MANY people want webinars. Anyone else feel like they went from “just” webinars to “must” webinar?!

With all this extra love coming my way, I think it’s really important to have a well structured spreadsheet to keep track of all the open and upcoming webinars. I put everything in this. It can get a bit tedious copy/pasting from copy and briefs but more people look at it than clicking on the brief link.

I also think a really well defined process is important and holding your stakeholders accountable to deadlines. Even though people want webinars, they don’t always understand the amount of time and work needed to produce.

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  1. Speaker video (100% the top must-have)
  2. Polls
  3. Live Q&A
  4. Embedded videos
  5. Live demos
  6. Post-event surveys
  7. Strong CTA’s that redirect to our website or community
  8. Thank you emails that encourage attendees to sign up for upcoming webinars
  9. Creative console branding
  10. Leveraging different event formats (e.g. presentation vs. speaker panel)

I agree with many of these, @alexandra.1! Can you explain what you mean by the “safety moment slide to share with audience 5 minutes before the webinar”?

Thanks for sharing @stacy.combest! I agree, holding your stakeholders accountable to deadlines is very important. I have created a Roles & Responsibilities PDF for my webinars, in case you are interested in seeing. :slight_smile:

Thank you @erica.1, these are great, Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:
I find that live chatting during the webinar, to encourage people to ask question has also helped us a great deal.

Hi @amy.recine, yes of course. A “safety moment” slide is something to share with your customers while they are waiting for the webinar to begin. This is a MUST practice in industries that are very ‘safety-oriented’, such as the oil and gas industry, manufacturing, etc. Please see the examples slides attached. Feel free to use! :slight_smile:
AVEVA Safety Moment-Texting while Driving.pptx (4.2 MB) Safety Moment Slide- SANITATION.AVEVA.pptx (3.6 MB)

What about adding this as another best practice? Creating a cell phone list that includes all webinar presenters, moderator and producer’s cell phone numbers in case there are any urgent technical issues during the live webinar?

These are specifially WFH best practices. #1: Unless you live alone, have an agreement with your family/roommates/partner that “do not disturb” means just that. When I first started, my son interrupted me to say that the pot roast was tough. :scream: #2: Set a gentle reminder/alarm to get up and move around every hour. It’s easy to hyper-focus when working at home since there are rarely distractions (if you follow Best Practice #1!) #3 Disconnect your doorbell or invest in a system that allows you to turn off the ringer.

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Thank you @tracy.stewart :slight_smile:

This looks awesome!

One big thing we’ve been pushing is speaker video and external audio for the speakers. Some type of microphone that isn’t built-in or a good built-in microphone in an environment that is conducive to recording/speaking.

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@miles.szkoda.1 - thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

All the notes so far are good. I’m the core #webinerd here in my office, so I hand hold for each webinar. I sit on the back-end presentation manager, as well as an audience member for every webinar we run so that if there is a problem I catch it first. Or if a presenter thinks there’s an issue they can just hit me up in the team chat versus panicking. As far as a must-have goes, I put together an ON24 quick training that I run through with all my speakers so they get the lay of the land. ON24 is not like other platforms so it takes a little adjusting for most.

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Hi Sarah, thanks so much for your contribution to this topic. Could you share your quick training guide with us, if possible?

Thank you very much,

I probably have more than 10. But #1 is be professional.

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